St. Andrew’s Parish

Parish Website

Dear Friends,

St. Andrew’s is an exciting parish with a lot of energy and life; I hope as you look over our website that you will sense some of that.

We’re also a parish with roots – in the history of Fort Worth, in historic Anglican liturgy, and in careful, Biblical exposition and teaching. Our sense of rootedness is not grounded in any sort of naïve, antiquarian sentimentality, but instead in the firm conviction that the treasures of the past truly speak to the needs of the present with potency and ongoing vitality – because God is not bounded by time.

We know that to be true. God speaks still through the ancient text. That is the premise of everything we do or say. And the resonances of the historic church at worship still move hearts prepared to hear those ancient cadences. When we worship together today, we sense our connectedness with the church throughout its history. The Communion of Saints is not merely some speculative theory: it is our actual experience of corporate worship within the historic Prayer Book tradition. We treasure it.

Because we are a parish which is rooted, we are also a parish not afraid to dream big dreams. We understand that God’s intentions for us are not merely local or regional. We are alert to the opportunities and the responsibilities of being part of a global Anglican family.

These are exciting times to be an Anglican and exciting times to be a Christian. There is much talk about a reconfiguration. We are not content to observe it or merely to talk about it; we are committed to being right in the middle of it, and so we are.

We hope that many of your questions about the parish will be answered by our website. But we would also love to meet you. May God bless you and guide you as you pursue His calling in your life.


The Rev’d. Dr. R. William Dickson


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